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ButterBlade is a training club designed to improve your accuracy, helping you hit more greens!

Immediate Feedback
The unique weight distribution of ButterBlade provides real-time feedback on your swing path and clubface angle. This eliminates guesswork and allows you to refine your technique with each swing, ensuring you're on the path to hitting the ball square in the center of the clubface for more precise shots.

Improve Accuracy
The design of ButterBlade fosters a fluid and precise swing motion. This helps you develop a natural rhythm, leading to consistent strikes, improved accuracy, and more greens in regulation.

Effortless Lag
The weighted design of ButterBlade encourages a natural lag feeling during your swing. This lag, similar to what tour pros utilize, allows the clubhead to "load" effortlessly, generating explosive power at impact for increased distance.

Hit More Greens
ButterBlade helps you develop the skills needed to hit the ball consistently and accurately. This translates to fewer scattered shots and more balls finding the green, with a tighter grouping around the target.
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